Clear music in times of turmoil

The truly important

Music speaks. And sometimes in a way that any and all people in the world can feel addressed by it.

Malte Vief succeeds at this time and again: sublimely uniting polarities. His music is pure emotion and feelings, and resonates in our minds, straight and true. Not sclerotic nor lax. Not portentous, not shallow. Simple and clear. That which is unifying.

With acoustic guitars of various types and workmanship, Malte narrates, reports and reflects, speaking to the hearts of the listeners. Energy, images, life.

The grace of the successful tightrope walk: any and all are invited and welcome. His music may simply be beautiful for some – and that may be enough. But analytical souls are also wholesomely nourished with down-to-earth compositions, virtuoso fingerwork, and transcendent, truly novel constructions.


Music that frees our heads and synapses. Sounds that promote sense, senses and sensuality. Love and beauty. Timelessness and the full life. Earth and the cosmos.

Rooted in the classical-concert tradition, and interested in almost all instrumental music, Malte’s compositions and live programmes create invigorating synergies that are sometimes alchemical displays of the new-old and of the old-new.

The free spirit of European music. Idealistic, sincere, contemporary and the antithesis of institutionalised imbroglio. Maxim of development, openness and experimentation. Be receptive to deep intimacy and surprises. The ability to experience and to travel far. Past and future. Here and now.

Live programmes

Malte Vief's four different programmes in various line-ups.

Heavy Classic

Heavy Classic


Vief and his fellow musicians' passion for rock music, supported by a classical concert education. A comprehensive emotional spectrum, sublimated in an almost alchemical harmony from a wide variety of musical influences. For those who want to inspire themselves with surprising virtuosities, technical magic tricks and enlivening humanity, HeavyClassic is a joyful treasure trove that makes the heart beat faster!




No perfection without innovation. This Renaissance, too, lives on elements with diverse origins, as well as on contemporary creativity and the artisanal, visionary virtuosity of the airs of Malte Vief. Those who want to embark on a musical journey through the deepest minds of the European spirit and who are not afraid of unexpected, surprising encounters during this time, can experience what great miracles music can accomplish as spiritual nourishment. Even now and especially at this time.




Powerful musical movements, equally sometimes meditative-repetitive and eventful. Direct contact and emotion, yet grounded, subtly full-bodied and fulfilling. Pearls of human life scenes, sometimes resembling the cinematic. Very personal and – possibly for this exact reason – with a wealth of essentialities and fields of resonance that offer attachment, connection and resonance, inviting you to look inside, strengthening and invigorating on many levels.

Musical Images

Musical Images


Nuanced Musical Images merge with an experience of the natural elements and even natural transcendence, leaving a lot of space for people. A wide and varied journey both within and without. Finding the one in the other. The moving enigma of homeland.
This travel journal is written, or rather self-composed, by just one instrument: the guitar.


Euphoryon. That is concert rock! Behind a shy guitar and brave cello blaze a musical volcano that constantly threatens – in the next moment – to erupt.
Euphoryon. A duo from Dresden that, with their unique crossovers, turns baroque into rock, and classical to metal.

Euphoryon. That is Malte Vief and Matthias Huebner. Both are professionally-trained musicians and multi-award winners in national and international competitions. They have broken away from the conventions of “serious” music to put their rock music hearts into unique compositions. The finishing touches include e-cello and inventive sounds.



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  1. Birk
  2. Veit
  3. Eis
  4. Nocturne
  5. Wiegenlied
  6. Kindeserwachen
  7. Bambule
  8. Freude
  9. Vergissmeinnicht
  10. Birk Reprise
  11. Versöhnung
  12. Der Mond ist aufgegangen
  13. Versöhnung II
  14. Auryn



  1. Anfang
  2. Invention
  3. Antigo
  4. Intrada
  5. Mosaik
  6. Nachruf
  7. Melodia
  8. Hodele
  9. Rising Prelude
  10. Augustin Barrios, La Catedral, Preludio saudade, arr Malte Vief
  11. Augustin Barrios, La Catedral, Allegro solemne, arr Malte Vief
  12. Ende



  1. Präambel
  2. Bibap
  3. Elchtest
  4. Das Lied vom friedlichen Ritter
  5. Rondo
  6. es war einmal .. und dann
  7. Prolog
  8. Krieger des Lichts
  9. Lichter der Stadt
  10. Froschtanz
  11. HeavyCountry

Euphoryon’s Debut by Matthias Hübner und Malte Vief (2010);
Reentko Dirks and Kilian Hartig as guest musicians.


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