Heavy Classic



“The name says it all” – which is a phrase that sometimes comes across as hackneyed and used for non-titillating content, but it can also sometimes be used to signify that something is astonishing or dazzling.

With Malte Vief’s HeavyClassic, the name really does say it all and yet this live programme is much more comprehensive than the name suggests.

Vivaldi – probably not the most pious of the priests – knew the animistic-percussive very well, let it flow in and built it up, back then…
These days, the accentuations of Malte Vief and his HeavyClassic are clear: baroque, East Asian, far-reaching percussion, folky vibes – groove – all this can create an almost alchemical, synergistic harmony!

And what would be appropriate for the nature of humankind, if not a comprehensive emotional spectrum, which is sublimated into, and reproduced in, the music?

For the past 10 years, Malte Vief and his fellow musicians have been anticipating what might happen. A little surreal, but magical in the here and now.

Like the other three live programmes, Vief performs with varying players and solo, asserting a reality with HeavyClassic: there is “world music”, and there is the “worlds music”. The latter would probably be a true literal approach to this Vief programme of the most daring kind: exciting interpretations and translations, compositional wit and the secret ingredients – the musicians’ own, surprising virtuosities, technical magic tricks and enlivening humanity.

Classic is clearly diverse. Heavy means a lot here: breadth, depth and intensity. If you want to experience this pithiness disbursed in a wonderful experience, you should engage with HeavyClassic without fail – hear, see, and experience what is possible!

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  1. Anfang
  2. Invention
  3. Antigo
  4. Intrada
  5. Mosaik
  6. Nachruf
  7. Melodia
  8. Hodele
  9. Rising Prelude
  10. Augustin Barrios, La Catedral, Preludio saudade, arr Malte Vief
  11. Augustin Barrios, La Catedral, Allegro solemne, arr Malte Vief
  12. Ende


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Powerful musical movements, equally sometimes meditative-repetitive and inexhaustibly eventful. Direct contact and emotion, yet grounded, subtly full-bodied and fulfilling. Pearls of human life scenes, sometimes resembling the cinematic. Very personal and – possibly for this exact reason – with a wealth of essentialities and fields of resonance that offer attachment, connection and resonance, inviting you to look inside, strengthening and invigorating on many levels.




No perfection without innovation. This Renaissance, too, lives on elements with diverse origins, as well as on contemporary creativity and the artisanal, visionary virtuosity of the airs of Malte Vief. Those who want to embark on a musical journey through the deepest minds of the European spirit and who are not afraid of unexpected, surprising encounters during this time, can experience what great miracles music can accomplish as spiritual nourishment. Even now and especially at this time.

Musical Images

Musical Images


Nuanced Musical Images merge with an experience of the natural elements and even natural transcendence, leaving a lot of space for people. A wide and varied journey both within and without. Finding the one in the other. The moving enigma of homeland.
This travel journal is written, or rather self-composed, by just one instrument:
the guitar.