Heavy Classic

Concert rock.

Vief and his fellow musicians’ passion for rock music, supported by a classical concert education. A comprehensive emotional spectrum, sublimated in an almost alchemical harmony from a wide variety of musical influences. Vivaldi, the nonconformist, was already “rock” and that is played out here:
Exciting interpretations and translations, compositional wit and the secret ingredient – the musicians’ own. For those who want to inspire themselves with surprising virtuosities, technical magic tricks and enlivening humanity, HeavyClassic is a joyful treasure trove that makes the heart beat faster: without fail – hear, see, and experience what is possible!


Music tells (hi)story.

No perfection without innovation. The union of supposedly opposing poles, in humankind and in world. This Renaissance, too, lives on elements with diverse origins, as well as on contemporary creativity and the artisanal, visionary virtuosity of the airs of Malte Vief.
Those who want to embark on a musical journey through the deepest minds of the European spirit and who are not afraid of unexpected, surprising encounters during this time, can experience, with Malte Vief’s Renaissance, which he offers with his fellow musicians, what great miracles music can accomplish as spiritual nourishment. Even now and especially at this time.

Own compositions as well as interpretations of da Milano, Dowland and others.


Still waters are Vief.

Powerful musical movements, equally sometimes meditative-repetitive and – what’s particularly pleasant and extraordinary – inexhaustibly eventful. Direct contact and emotion, yet grounded, subtly full-bodied and fulfilling. Pearls of human life scenes, sometimes resembling the cinematic. Very personal and – possibly for this exact reason – with a wealth of essentialities and fields of resonance that offer attachment, connection and resonance, inviting you to look inside, strengthening and invigorating on many levels.
With Matthias Huebner (cello) and Jochen Ross (mandolin), Malte Vief’s Kammer is of the finest work. Reflexive, creative and again innovative like hell, the beautiful, touching and surprising melodies and nuances of the heavens are brought a bit closer to Earth, instead of escaping away from it. The true and beautiful.

Musical Images

Natural Awakening.

Nuanced Musical Images merge with an experience of the natural elements and even natural transcendence, leaving a lot of space for people. A wide and varied journey both within and without. Finding the one in the other. The moving enigma of homeland.
This travel journal is written, or rather self-composed, by just one instrument: the guitar. Whether classical concertante, folk or via Aliquot guitar – innovative virtuosic.

Whether with quiet reminiscence or wild treatment; whether rambunctious, furious, cathartic, poetic and yet always inspired: Malte Vief is not limited, but his sounds, rhythms and melodies convey clear roots to grow and – from this strong platform – wings to fly.

Whoever hears with the heart will understand, will find and experience. Here.


concert rock power duo

Euphoryon. That is concert rock! Behind a shy guitar and brave cello blaze a musical volcano that constantly threatens – in the next moment – to erupt.
Euphoryon. A duo from Dresden that, with their unique crossovers, turns baroque into rock, and classical to metal.
Euphoryon. That is Malte Vief and Matthias Huebner. Both are professionally-trained musicians and multi-award winners in national and international competitions. They have broken away from the conventions of “serious” music to put their rock music hearts into unique compositions. The finishing touches include e-cello and inventive sounds.

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