Melodia – 7 catchy tunes for guitar solo – easy to play

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available as music book or PDF

Performance on youtube:

Dear guitar players,

after my concerts I am often asked if I have sheet music that is easy to play. That’s why I decided some time ago to publish a book of sheet music in which you can find a part of my pieces collected in easier versions.
„Melodia“ is a collection of seven melodic and sonorous pieces.
They are all easy to play and can be a grateful support for you
by learning the guitar. There are pieces like „Ballade“, „Noah“,
and „Josephine“ included, which are good phrasing exercises.
With the titles Prelude and Bambule you can train your right hand.
„Melodia“ and „Rising Prelude“ introduce you to retuning your
guitar with dadgad tuning.
But most of all it should be fun to play the pieces 🙂
The sheet music is partly provided with fingerings. I have
deliberately done this only where it was necessary for tonal
reasons or to give you orientation with retuned strings.
I uploaded all pieces as videos on my Youtube channel.
There you can get a sound and playing impression.